Monday, May 24, 2010

Phone Interview with CBC after the Roar

Few days after their win at the roar of the rings on December 12th, Cheryl took the time to talk on the phone with CBC to give her comments. Of course, it wasn’t like having Cheryl herself on the studio, but it was really nice of her to do so.

He asked many things but here are some highlights of their conversation. They talked about how long it took for them to realize that that was it, they were going to the Olympics.

"You know, so much stuff is going on since we won but I think it finally sank it the other day when i said we are going the Olympics, we are Olympians now and that something, you know, you can take away, it is going to be the ride of a lifetime".

They talked about the fact that they were the favorite to win that trials and what was the impact on their game.

"It doesn’t help you much focusing on the other team we were a little bit flying under the radar which is a nice spot to be".

They talked about their upcoming schedule and how they are going to prepare for the Olympics.

"It is going to be crazy, it is gonna be a crazy schedule, but we got a lot of strong teams around, and Olympics experienced athletes to help to us be the best we can be when we’ll hit Vancouver".

I added some screen caps from the images displayed during the interview, for your pleasure, and my own!

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